BBQ Pack 3


serves four, pack contains:

4 Award winning steak burgers
8 Award winning traditional pork sausages
4 Salt & pepper pork steaks
4 Smoky BBQ chicken kebabs.

Check individual product descriptions below for allergen information.

Award winning steak burgers
Handmade in the shop using extra lean cuts of chuck steak and a tiny amount of seasoning. This burger has won several gold awards at regional competitions.
Allergens: gluten, sulphites

Award winning traditional pork sausages
Freshly made in the shop using lean cuts of pork shoulder and belly with a little seasoning and breadcrumb.
Allergens: gluten (wheat), sulphites

Salt & Pepper Pork Steaks
Tender chicken pork loin steak with a little oil, sea salt and black pepper.
Allergens: none

Smoky BBQ Chicken Kebabs
Tender chicken breast in a lightly smoked barbecue marinade.
Allergens: none